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We’ve all been there, the class that goes on for days, the four hour meeting that seems to be about nothing or the telephone call with your great aunt talking about her issues.  How do we cope with the daily “Who cares”? We DOODLE!! Whether it is a circle that turned into an extravagant art piece or just rewriting your name over and over, it seems to make the time go faster. Who would have thought there was a science behind the careless scribbles? Sharpie Uncapped teamed up with the Doodle Expert, Sunni Brown to give Sharpie fans the opportunity to submit their best doodles and possibly have them analyzed by Sunni herself.  I always was told that doodles are subconscious thoughts sneaking out, but I never believed that my terrible representation of a flower really meant more than that I was bored. Well no I have the chance to find out what it really means. Doodles unlock creativity and allow the mind to relax. So just stop thinking, put the pen to the paper, and see what comes out. Then submit your drawing on and see what your doodles say about you!


New Sharpie Liquid Pencil is HERE!!

Combining a pen and a pencil…  Who believed that this was possible before today?  I sure didn’t.  Even the concept is hard to wrap your head around.  Well, look no further, think no more because Sharpie has successfully paired these two writing utensils into a one terrific product.  There have been things that I have written with pen that I really wanted to erase immediately, but, obviously, I had to cross it out or start all over.  With this innovation from Sharpie, that is one problem I will not have to deal with anymore.

Sharpie's Liquid Pencil!!!

The back-to-school period is beginning and what better way to ease some of that pain with purchasing this new product.  The best part of Sharpie’s new Liquid Pencil is the fact that after three days, the writing becomes permanent.  You can think about your thoughts and your words for three days before they are permanent. 

You can buy this product wherever office products are sold in September!  As always, post your drawings on

Art From Heike Weber

Well, even though I cannot say that I have my own house to decorate, the art of Heike Weber does make me think about what I want to do when I gain a lot of money in my life.  Using Sharpies, Heike creates an artwork unlike any other I have seen, at least in a home. 

Artwork from Heike Weber

She uses Sharpies to decorate the floor of a room in a design that is unique to the eye.  It creates an allusion ofa connection between the floor and the wall.  The viewer does not know where the floor ends and the wall begins. 

The dedication and time that Heike Weber needs in order to create her masterpiece shows her talent and patience.

Artwork from Heike Weber

In this design, she uses a different color, red, to generate her art.  Once again her design seems to play games with the eyes, which shows her talent with a Sharpie marker.  This is an exceptional idea, one with which I will think about when I decorate my house. 

Overall, this is a brilliant idea by the artist.  Just by taking a simple, cheap Sharpie, Weber was able to produce a work of art.  This goes to show you that almost anything can be created with a Sharpie!

A Day in the Life

     So as I was hard at work (or was it hardly working?) roaming around the World Wide Web, I found myself on far longer than I had originally intended.  I knew before that this website was neat, but I guess I never realized how neat it is. Even when you first open the website up it looks pretty rad. The background makes you feel like you’re in grade school again scribbling all over the paper. It automatically made me get out my Sharpie markers and draw on a post it note. Along with the cool colors, I’m sure my short attention span also played a part in me coloring, but that’s beside the point.

Sharpie Uncapped

     So, the site has a cool background but that doesn’t usually make people hang out at a website all day. Well, it didn’t. It was the other awesome things on the website that caught my attention. I click on the “uncapped gallery”, which conveniently connects you with other Sharpie sites. I spent a while looking through all the pictures and telling myself I am just as good a drawer as my fellow Sharpie fanatics. If I tell myself how great I am long enough it becomes true, right?

Bright Colors- Amarog38

     Then there’s the trusty Sharpie Blog. I tell myself I will just take a second and see if anything catches my eye. Well that was everything. Who would have thought there were so many cool things going on with Sharpie products and so many ordinary people doing extraordinary things with them? Well now I know. After reading the words of my fellow Sharpieans, I head over to the “How-to” section of Uncapped, and decide I am going to replicate everyone of these ideas (not at work of course, that would be poor time management). Not only are the how-to’s fun to do, but they are also cool to look at and can act as cool gifts when they’re done. As far as presents for the next several years, I’m sure the receivers can guess what they are getting.

     Aside from my mentions, there is other cool stuff to do and see at, but it would take far too long for me to go into detail about them all. I know my job here isn’t easy, but someone has to do it and I’m glad I took one for the team and stepped up to the plate. This was just my journey on the website. I leave you to go on a quest of your own and see what you can “Uncap”.

Anyone like to Doodle?

Hey there Sharpie fans!

Are you someone who sits in a meeting, a class, or at home and doodles something?  Well, you’re in luck!  Sharpie has a special doodle expert and this is your chance to have him/her analyze your artwork!  No longer do you have to think that you are wasting time or just letting your hand move freely on the paper.  You will now be able to know your doodle means!


Click the image and follow the simple instructions to upload your doodle.  Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to be the special artist selected and get your doodle analyzed!

Training Camp 2010 OPENS TODAY!!

Chicago Bears training camp opens today in Bourbonnais, IL. 

Photo Courtesy of


The Bears’ players start training camp today.  Fans are welcome to come out and watch the 2010 team compete for starting roles.  This means that fans need to bring SHARPIES!!! so that they can get autographs from the players.  What better way to be apart of the team than to show up and support the Bears? 

New Bear Julius Peppers... Photo Courtesy of


What do you think are the best Sharpies for autographs? 

Personally I believe that the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker is the best.  The new Bear, Julius Peppers, will look to jumpstart the dormant Bears’ defense in 2010.  What better way to remember him by having him sign a football in SHARPIE metallic ink? 

Fans, show up and support the team and stick around to get autographs with your Sharpies!!