Back to School Already?

Well, it seems as though that time of the year has come again.  Students all over the country are dreading the road back to school.  From listening to teachers lecture, those cheesy school videos, and who can forget the cheerful teachers that make you want to puke on Monday mornings.  Who gets excited that it’s Monday at 7 am…not too many people.

But thankfully Sharpie has some products to help get you through the school year.  Now, one might think that by purchasing a Sharpie product, one is just succumbing to the fact that school is starting.  But in reality, school is starting whether you like it or not.  It’s a fact.

Fortunately, Sharpie has come to the rescue.  With over forty different colors of markers, their highlighter, and the Sharpie Pen, there are plenty of things that you can draw while you are in class.  First off, everyone doodles.  I even doodle at times (my drawings look like that of a three year old girl) and believe it or not, I color inside the lines.  I know; you’re impressed.  With a Sharpie Pen, my doodles come to fruition.  The execution is flawless and my “toddleresque” drawings go right on my refrigerator when I get home.

School is starting, but there is no need to panic.  Everyone gets through the year and weekends come before you know it.  Enjoy the school year: doodle something or create a poster for a football game with Sharpie Markers.  You never know what you will discover about yourself this year.


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