Better than the Average Tat

     We all have idols in which we think we would do anything for, right? How about having their name permanently signed on your skin? Well Rose Ann Belluso did just that. Belluso is a huge Sir Paul McCartney fan, and was in attendance at his Philadelphia concert. Sitting just a few rows back from the stage, Belluso made her mark on McCartney, and then he made his on her. She noted on a sign that she was armed with a Sharpie and a tattoo artist and wanted the Beatle’s autograph on her back. Belluso’s sign was noticed by McCartney, she was brought on stage, and he made her dream come true. I wonder if her husband is upset that his wife has another man’s name tattooed on her. I’m sure he would understand this one.

     Now I’m a fan of Sir Paul McCartney and I am also a fan of tattoos, but I cannot say that I would go as far as to mix the two together on myself. I am far from calling this woman crazy though. Why do most people get autographs? To show off to their friends about how they got the opportunity to meet a person they admire. People get baseballs and shirts signed then keep them on display for the rest of their lives, so how is this any different. After reading this article, I scrolled down to read the comments. People gave their two cents about how she will regret it. I say more power to Belluso. I wonder if the autograph were to give her body more value as it would a baseball (That was obviously a joke. I do not condone the selling of one’s body).  Any who, I would like to point out how a life was enhanced with the help of a Sharpie permanent marker. Just making lives better one legend at a time:).


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