Fight for your right…to Highlight

Football season is soon to begin, the Sunday papers are over flowing with office supplies deals, and the kids are yanking their parents’ arm to get to the store and get the coolest accessories before someone can say they had it first. Ah, back-to-school season is here. This means See-yah-later-money-I-worked-all-summer-for season is also here.

Being a college student myself I understand full and well the nauseating feeling experienced as you’re standing in line at the school bookstore and the grand total of your text books is lit up on the screen. You wonder to yourself why you spend $200 on a book that you will later sell back (because you will have no future use for it) for $20. As you slump your shoulders and fork over the $700, you envision all the fun nights on the town also being passed to the other side of the counter.

Paying for books is indeed an experience that every college student dreads. When I heard about Sharpie Highlighter’s Right to Highlight Sweepstakes, my first thought was sign me up. All you have to do is “Like” Sharpie Permanent Markers on, submit an entry form, and you and two friends have a chance to win free text books or a Sharpie Back to School Prize Pack. I would love to have a year off from sitting in my room and sulking about how much money I was just set back, so I am heading over and entering myself in the sweepstakes now. I bid you farewell and good luck my friends.

In the similar words of Ryan Seacrest, “Intern- Out!”


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