That Sappy Blog Post


It seems to me that once the calendar says July, the time flies by more quickly than ever. I have now been doing this internship for a little over two weeks and it feels as though it has only been a couple days. When I started, I figured it would be a great way to jazz up my resume and help me in my future career search. Well it is that and so much more. The opportunities I have gotten in just these couple weeks are so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I have had the chance to work with great people who are awesome at what they do. My area of study is currently communications and social media, so to be able to work with people who do what I hope to do one day is amazing. I have gotten the experience working in the corporate world-answering phone calls, attending and leading meetings, going on conference calls building reports. I am learning from mistakes I make now, so I will not have to make them in my career. The knowledge that I have received and will continue receiving will make me great in the future. I have gotten an opportunity that many college students would die for. With that being said, I wanted this post to be my thank you to the people I have gotten a chance to work for or with, for all the help you have offered thus far, and the faith you have had in me to excel. I have just over a week left and I’m going to make it count!


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