Do the Doodle

Submit your doodle!

We’ve all been there, the class that goes on for days, the four hour meeting that seems to be about nothing or the telephone call with your great aunt talking about her issues.  How do we cope with the daily “Who cares”? We DOODLE!! Whether it is a circle that turned into an extravagant art piece or just rewriting your name over and over, it seems to make the time go faster. Who would have thought there was a science behind the careless scribbles? Sharpie Uncapped teamed up with the Doodle Expert, Sunni Brown to give Sharpie fans the opportunity to submit their best doodles and possibly have them analyzed by Sunni herself.  I always was told that doodles are subconscious thoughts sneaking out, but I never believed that my terrible representation of a flower really meant more than that I was bored. Well no I have the chance to find out what it really means. Doodles unlock creativity and allow the mind to relax. So just stop thinking, put the pen to the paper, and see what comes out. Then submit your drawing on and see what your doodles say about you!


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