New Sharpie Liquid Pencil is HERE!!

Combining a pen and a pencil…  Who believed that this was possible before today?  I sure didn’t.  Even the concept is hard to wrap your head around.  Well, look no further, think no more because Sharpie has successfully paired these two writing utensils into a one terrific product.  There have been things that I have written with pen that I really wanted to erase immediately, but, obviously, I had to cross it out or start all over.  With this innovation from Sharpie, that is one problem I will not have to deal with anymore.

Sharpie's Liquid Pencil!!!

The back-to-school period is beginning and what better way to ease some of that pain with purchasing this new product.  The best part of Sharpie’s new Liquid Pencil is the fact that after three days, the writing becomes permanent.  You can think about your thoughts and your words for three days before they are permanent. 

You can buy this product wherever office products are sold in September!  As always, post your drawings on


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