Art From Heike Weber

Well, even though I cannot say that I have my own house to decorate, the art of Heike Weber does make me think about what I want to do when I gain a lot of money in my life.  Using Sharpies, Heike creates an artwork unlike any other I have seen, at least in a home. 

Artwork from Heike Weber

She uses Sharpies to decorate the floor of a room in a design that is unique to the eye.  It creates an allusion ofa connection between the floor and the wall.  The viewer does not know where the floor ends and the wall begins. 

The dedication and time that Heike Weber needs in order to create her masterpiece shows her talent and patience.

Artwork from Heike Weber

In this design, she uses a different color, red, to generate her art.  Once again her design seems to play games with the eyes, which shows her talent with a Sharpie marker.  This is an exceptional idea, one with which I will think about when I decorate my house. 

Overall, this is a brilliant idea by the artist.  Just by taking a simple, cheap Sharpie, Weber was able to produce a work of art.  This goes to show you that almost anything can be created with a Sharpie!


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