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Anyone like to Doodle?

Hey there Sharpie fans!

Are you someone who sits in a meeting, a class, or at home and doodles something?  Well, you’re in luck!  Sharpie has a special doodle expert and this is your chance to have him/her analyze your artwork!  No longer do you have to think that you are wasting time or just letting your hand move freely on the paper.  You will now be able to know your doodle means!


Click the image and follow the simple instructions to upload your doodle.  Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to be the special artist selected and get your doodle analyzed!


Training Camp 2010 OPENS TODAY!!

Chicago Bears training camp opens today in Bourbonnais, IL. 

Photo Courtesy of


The Bears’ players start training camp today.  Fans are welcome to come out and watch the 2010 team compete for starting roles.  This means that fans need to bring SHARPIES!!! so that they can get autographs from the players.  What better way to be apart of the team than to show up and support the Bears? 

New Bear Julius Peppers... Photo Courtesy of


What do you think are the best Sharpies for autographs? 

Personally I believe that the Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker is the best.  The new Bear, Julius Peppers, will look to jumpstart the dormant Bears’ defense in 2010.  What better way to remember him by having him sign a football in SHARPIE metallic ink? 

Fans, show up and support the team and stick around to get autographs with your Sharpies!!